The Aztec Gateway

Welcome to the Aztec Gateway. You can call me Yehecatl Quipoloa, which means "Wind that Devours" in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. This website is intended mainly to supply information on Nahua (Aztec) religion and spirituality as it was in the past, and outline my faith as a Nahua reconstructionist. It also houses some of my personal works.

If you find yourself asking questions, such as "What do you mean, Nahua reconstructionist?", I suggest you check the (new and improved) about section for a brief rundown on what exactly I'm doing here.

Familiar visitors will notice the new, and hopefully improved format, while also asking themselves, "I see the new format, but is there actually new content?" The answer is yes, many sections have new and updated content. Enjoy.



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