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The religions of Mesoamerica seem remembered by most for little more than bloody sacrifices and seemingly savage ways. This is an unfortunate misrepresentation, often the result of looking at the beliefs of the Aztecs and others through the interpretations of Spaniards intent on converting the natives from their pagan ways. There is beauty in this religion, and yes, violence as well, but even this violence had it's place and reasons.

The people now known as the Aztecs (historically the Mexica, Acolhua, and Tepanecs) had a vast and complex spiritual view of the universe. There is no name for the religion of the Aztecs, for their religion was so imbedded in their culture that it simply was a part of daily life, inseparable from the rest of existence. The gods are all around us, and the Aztecs considered it their duty to live life well in their honor.

The Mesoamerican Universe and Aztec Worldview

The Creation of the World and the Five Suns

The Aztec Deities

Teyolia and Xochiyaoyotl: The Meaning and Purpose of Sacrifice

Xiuhpohualli: The Festival Calendar

Tonalpohualli: The Count of Fate

Nahualli: The Aztec Sorcerer

Codex Mendoza

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