The Roles of A Title Company

Purchasing a home can be both invigorating and stressful at the same time. The thought of having space that you can call your own makes it more enjoyable but when you think about all the legalities involved, you might yourself getting overwhelmed. From the open house to negotiations and a real estate closing, you’ll sure need all the help you can get to get a smooth transaction. One of the best accomplices you can have is a reputable title company that could help you in a lot of ways.

A title company is one that makes sure that the piece of property you’re buying is legitimate and safe for you to invest. Buying a home is a substantial investment considering you would be spending your hard-earned savings. You wouldn’t want all those sleepless nights, sweat, blood, and tears are all end up wasted. Before you go to some prospective title companies, here are the roles and responsibilities that you should expect they would perform:

real estate closingConduct a title review.

Title companies have a great team that could do title searches and reviews for your convenience. What they do is review all public records related to the property to get all the vital information such as the status and condition of the title. During this process, a title company will be able to uncover any dirty secrets about the property that includes unpaid mortgages, liens, and other issues. They would be able to relay all the information in the form of a report and give you a rundown of the course of actions you may consider if the title did not come up clean as you thought it would be. This is a beneficial service you could use to your advantage to be able to purchase the right home.

Act as a closing agent.

Title companies are mostly the closing agents for any real estate transaction. They represent all the parties involved in the process – the buyer, the seller and the lender. So, you can say they are the neutral agents for that matter. During the losing, a title company will be responsible for obtaining all signatures of the concerned parties on the required documents and is in charge of distributing the payments involved in the transaction. Moreover, they would be the ones who will submit all the paperwork involved in the deal in the local county office. This is considered to be a crucial role as it would ensure the smooth purchase or sale of a particular property.

Issue title insurance.

You might have heard of title insurance before, and you probably have known about its importance in buying a home. A title company can issue that insurance policy to protect you from all the issues that the property may have. It’s horrifying to buy a property and soon find out that an undeclared heir comes claiming it. On worst cases, you may be required to pay the remaining mortgage or debts that come with the said property. Getting title insurance can help you avoid all that and secure your interests. You only have to pay once, and you’ll stay protected until you sell it off to another owner. Lenders would also require you to get another type of insurance for their interests as well.


A title company has responsibilities to protect your interests in any real estate transaction. Enlisting the help of title companies will make you feel more secured and prepared in closing the deal. It’s not always required to seek the services of title experts, but it’s better to be careful especially when a significant amount of money is involved in the situation.

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